Kungsportshuset Matbar in English

A Scandinavian food experience with flavors from all over the world

KPH Matbar invites you to the feeling of romantic and unpretentious simplicity, a room where you always feel at home. Come in for a casual business lunch, have a nice dinner with the family or a cold beer with the gang.

Kungsportshuset matbar KPH snaps
Be a bit mischievous & order a snaps. We always set the table with snaps glasses.

Here at KPH we are more interested in the Scandinavian snaps and appoint ourselves confidently to experts. So, come in to us and ask your waiter to see the chart - our snaps menu. We are happy to help you find our different varieties and of course we can always offer a non-alcoholic alternative.

"Literally the best 1st day here. The food was amazing ..."

- Rickesh - Google Reviews

This treat may be small, but it contains a whole experience.

Indulge in and enjoy a really good praline. At KPH we have our own pastry chef!

Kal does a shopping round in the Saluhallen at Kungstorget in order to proviate before the weekend. In the line of charcuterie shops he finds a free clerk and makes his order:

- One meter of falu sausage, please.
- We don't sell sausage by the meter but per kilo, the clerk informs.
- Give me one kilometer then!

After Work at Kungsportshuset Matbar

Fridays 16.00-20.00


Norrlands Guld 35cl 45
Glass of red/white/sparkeling wine 59
Seasonal snaps cocktail 89
Smoked sausage 45
Cured ham 55
Dill crisps, bleak roe & "smetana" 95
Cheese & charcuteries 155

Have you heard about The Concept? It is a dinner club and spectacular experience in the same house. It's the restaurant you've never experienced before or even been able to imagine. Yes, just that crazy and lavish like nothing else. Here the evenings will be filled with warmth, abundance and profound experiences.